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Andrew Dinh


Hello! I’m currently a third-yeard studying computer science, and I’m excited to facilitate this DeCal for you this semester! My life pretty much revolves around CS, but outside of that, I enjoy listening to music, watching shows, and picking up random hobbies like calligraphy and photography. Feel free to send me an email for any reason

Teaching Assistants

Abhik Ahuja


Hi! I’m a third year CS and Math major. I love Rubik’s cubes, origami, and chess. Feel free to email if you want to talk about any of those (or anything else) and I hope you enjoy this course! :)

Sumeet Motwani


Hello! I’m a first year CS and Data Science major. Other than CS and cybersecurity, I enjoy MMA and BioEng. Feel free to email me!

Zachary Zollman


Hey! I’m a fourth year studying molecular environmental biology. My background is less in computers and more in climate; if you think of beings as users of the Earth, you can see how they’re both related to user freedom. I’m also into veganism and the She-Ra reboot. Excited to learn with you all :-)